“Into the Night” Season 1: Apocalyptic Sci-fi Thriller from Belgium

“Into the Night” Season 1: Apocalyptic Sci-fi Thriller from Belgium

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Into the Night is a Netflix series that has just been released on May 1, 2020. This 6 episode series is the first Netflix series to come from Belgium with the apocalyptic sci-fi thriller / drama genre. As the creator of this series, Jason George was inspired by a Polish novel entitled The Old Axolotl (2015) by writer Jacek Dukaj.

The series, directed by Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye, is about a mysterious cosmic catastrophe that hits Earth, as the survivors on a flight from Brussels race to find shelter and keep away from the sun.

Starting from the story of a woman named Sylvie (Pauline Etienne) who plans to go to Moscow to spread the ashes of her late lover there. However, his plan had to be delayed because the plane he was traveling in had been hijacked by a NATO soldier.

The NATO soldier named Terenzio (Stefano Casetti). With a firearm in hand, he forces a co-pilot named Mathieu (Larent Capelluto) to immediately fly the plane. However, Mathieu refused and the refusal was countered by Terenzio with a shot which hit Mathieu’s palm.

Terenzio finally told Mathieu that there would be a natural disaster that would kill them if they didn’t leave Belgium that night. The passengers of flight 21 from Brussels to Moscow do not know the truth. But that’s what Terenzio believed.

Simple and Thrilling Story

Broadly speaking, Into The Night tells about the struggle of each character in survival by staying away from sunlight which can kill every living thing. They must survive in a plane that flies around the earth to avoid the rising sun.

This series has a simple story and almost all of the setting in the series is taken in an airplane. However, almost all episodes provide unrelenting tension.

The tension begins when Mathieu and the passengers on the plane realize the dangers that lurk them all. With his injured hand, Mathieu could not fly the plane. Sylvie, with her experience in flying helicopters, finally wants to help Mathieu fly the plane. However, there are of course huge differences in the flying techniques of helicopters and airplanes which often cause problems for planes.

The tension felt in the cockpit of the plane was also felt by the passengers. They panicked because the plane was flown by an amateur. Differences in the nature and opinions of each passenger, eventually led to a commotion.

Too much information to digest

Each episode in Into the Night will reveal the story of the past and the problems of each character. With a storyline that is so fast and intense, sometimes we will forget that we are not even aware of some of the stories and information provided by each character.

Besides that, there are also many problems in this series. When one big problem almost reaches the climax, we are given another problem, so we forget the problems that were told before.

It’s not easy to maintain rhythm and tension, while giving each character the attention it deserves. The series does not have too many flashbacks, preferring conversations between passengers. What happened outside of the plane was not revealed, leaving the audience to guess what was going to happen.

The tension given by this series is also not worth solving every problem that seems too fast and easy. Maybe this is because the duration of this series is not up to 40 minutes in each episode.

The ending of the story in season 1 leaves a cliff-hanger that makes us can’t wait for the release of the second season. With a short duration of each episode, but still having a tense story, makes Into The Night a must-watch for dystopian sci-fi thriller lovers but don’t really like long / long duration.